An Unassuming Garage with a Dazzling Interior

Event catering provided by QED Hospitality. Named for big dreams started with humble beginnings, The Parlor at the Pontchartrain is inspired by a woman with a dream to be an entertainer or at least to entertain. With one last nickel in her pocket, she walked to the riverboat, put the coin in a slot machine, and bells started ringing. The prize wasn’t enough for her to buy an Uptown mansion, but it was enough to buy an old garage, that much like herself, was asking for love. She added some sparkling chandeliers, some found furniture, and opened the doors to all of those who wanted to make memories, share a meal with friends, celebrate love, or dance the night away.

A crimson-painted path ushers all who arrive into the space. There, they will find a 2,790-foot venue with historic brick walls, stenciled concrete floors, and French toile wallpaper, all illuminated by a spine of crystal chandeliers suspended from the peak of the vaulted ceiling.